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We offer years of experience in the fields of education and teaching English as a Second Language, and we assure prospective teachers that our overseas partnerships have been carefully selected to offer you a memorable experience with well-respected and professional institutions.

Ruth Kasarda




Ruth Kasarda has been in the fields of English language and teaching for over thirty years. She has an MA in Education from the Open University in England, the DELTA from Cambridge University, and two BAs in Journalism and Ancient History from the University of Washington. Ruth has lived and worked in Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Britain, the United States, and Canada and has held many administrative positions. She has been a Chair of English for Academic Purposes, a Professor, and a Coordinator for several Writing and English Programs. Ruth is a specialist in academic editing and teacher development and has many university and college contacts through her extensive overseas experiences. Ruth believes that international travel and working abroad are enriching, professional experiences for everyone; and she is delighted to be involved in providing overseas teaching opportunities to interested, intrepid instructors.

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